Looking for Something to do during the Lockdown?

Fresh air and exercise can help!

One of the big problems of the lockdown during the winter months is the long hours of being cooped up inside the house day in and day out.  Many people get bundled up and go for walks around the block in their neighbourhood, or along the waterfront.  More adventurous people can be seen out jogging, even sprinting to try to stay in shape, but after a while this too starts to fall into the part of the “sameness” of the routine day in and day out as we go through the lockdown.

While we miss the days of taking off to different events on the weekends, or going to visit different places, you can still build that “event” feeling into your life by travelling locally to various destinations that still offer outdoor recreation where you can social distance with lots of space to move around and also get some exercise in at the same time.  Even though the ski hills are closed for now, there are some resorts that are still able to offer Cross-Country trails for recreation like cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.  Even hiking.  Keep in mind that you won’t find any equipment “rentals” available during the lockdown, so you need to provide your own.  You can find outdoor skating rinks in many parts of our area.  Each have their own capacity limit depending on where you go, so you’ll want to check the rules of where you are going before you arrive.

Friday Harbour Resort in Innisfil continues to operate their Glice skating trail, reservations are required so that they can ensure social distancing.  You can also take in the Luma Light Trail during it’s normal operating hours, plus the resort offers tons of space for walking, strolling the winter boardwalk.

With a little imagination, you can find quite a few things to do to get yourself out of the house and away from your day to day surroundings so that it at least it feels like you went on an adventure in the midst of the lockdown.  Try to get out, gest some fresh winter air and enjoy what’s available outdoors.