Jocelyn had a moment of panic this morning

I had a brief moment of panic this morning. I basically saw my life flash […]

I had a brief moment of panic this morning. I basically saw my life flash before my eyes. Well, maybe not that extreme but it was pretty scary.

So my phone was charging overnight and this morning I go to unplug it, check my text messages, emails, etc. and then when I check it 10 minutes later (let’s be honest, we all check our phones that frequently, right?!), the screen. is. black. My heart starts racing and a gazillion thoughts run through my mind but here’s just three:

  1. I have to cancel all of my plans today and go get a new phone immediately.
  2. I don’t know a single person’s phone number so how will I ever be able to communicate with anyone I love ever again?!
  3. My LIFE is in my phone. My life is over.

I know it all sounds a little over dramatic but you have to admit, you would feel the same way!

So I try everything like pressing both buttons multiple times, shaking it, screaming at it and nothing worked. Then I go to turn on my laptop to Google “phone goes black” but then that doesn’t even turn on. What is happening with technology this morning?! Then all of a sudden there’s a light on the phone of my screen and it turns on. There is a God! Thank you! I have no clue why it turned off because I never turned it off and I have no clue how it turned on.

Definitely ghosts.

What’s the scariest thing that’s happened to you with your phone?

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