Jeff Daniels Played A Love Song For His Guitar On A Talk Show And Shows He Has Come A Long Way Since MOCK-YEAH-ING-YEAH-BIRD-YEAH

It's for the people that can't really play the guitar

In the RARE instance that you missed the Jeff Daniels episode of The Kelly Clarkson show… you can just watch this clip.
When you think of Jeff Daniels, of course your mind goes to Dumb & Dumber right away, or at least mine does, however, he has done plenty of dramas over the years and put on some damn good performances. Check out The Newsroom on HBO and you’ll see what I mean.

He is promoting his new Netflix show ‘Man In Full’ which explains why he’s making the rounds on talk shows — but his performance on Kelly Clarkson is worth watching. He is not *gifted* when it comes to singing or even playing the guitar but he tries — and this is proof that when you try — you can put something nice together.

What a song right? He has come a long way since 1994, when he was singing with Jim Carrey in the ‘Sheepdog.’