High School Drummer In Gyroscope Catches Tommy Lee’s Eye

He did it first, but she put her *spin* on it.

Chantilly, Virginia’s Kenzie Conner has grabbed some attention on the internet for her kick ass drum performance.  Kenzie was strapped in the gyroscope with a drum kit, reminiscent to some sort of musical astronaut training, and she let the crowd have it. (Maybe following in Col. Chris Hadfield’s shoes?)


@meredithsanders1Reply to @joshorn♬ original sound – Meredith Sanders

Like many videos that gain traction, this TikTok got reposted on Instagram and Facebook, and it was on the Consequence Instagram where the Motley Crue’s drummer, Tommy Lee, commented on this girls wicked drumming. Being one of the first drummers to play upside down, this is a huge compliment for Kenzie.

(Yeah, he accidentally called her a man, but don’t worry the internet corrected him)