Good Things Come in Little Boxes

...but GREAT things come in Box Sets.

Way back at the end of 2014…something interesting happened in the music world: Vinyl outsold the CD. Music lovers everywhere were trading in the virtually flawless, pristine sound of the Compact Disc and flocking to the warm, ear-pleasing imperfection of the needle. It has since been dubbed, “The Vinyl Revival”, and friends…it is still going strong.
2016 saw a flood of new vinyl releases, re-issues, anniversary re-masters…and of course, the crown jewel…THE BOX SET.

BUT, this is not a history lesson, no. This is simply a list of newly released vinyl box sets that would make killer Christmas gifts (Right, Mom?).



Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
The Complete Studio Albums Volume 1 & 2

The Complete Studio Albums Volume 1 (1976-1991):

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers*
You’re Gonna Get It!*
Damn The Torpedoes*
Hard Promises
Long After Dark
Southern Accents
Let Me Up (I’ve Had Enough)
Full Moon Fever
Into The Great Wide Open

The Complete Studio Albums Volume 2 (1994-2014):

Wildflowers (2xLP)
She’s The One (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Echo (2xLP)
The Last DJ (2xLP)
Highway Companion (2xLP)
Mojo (2xLP)*
Hypnotic Eye*

* Remastered since 2010



Badmotorfinger 25th Anniversary Deluxe Re-issue

Track Listing:
Disc: 1
1. Rusty Cage (Side A)
2. Outshined (Side A)
3. Slaves & Bulldozers (Side A)
4. Jesus Christ Pose (Side A)
5. Face Pollution (Side B)
6. Somewhere (Side B)
7. Searching With My Good Eye Closed (Side B)
8. Room A Thousand Years Wide (Side B)

Disc: 2
1. Mind Riot (Side A)
2. Drawing Flies (Side A)
3. Holy Water (Side A)
4. New Damage (Side A)
5. 25th Anniversary Vinyl Etching (Side B)



The Rolling Stones
The Rolling Stones in Mono (16 LPs)

Here’s what you get…

The Rolling Stones (U.K., 1964)
12 X 5 (1964)
The Rolling Stones No. 2 (U.K., 1965)
The Rolling Stones Now! (1965)
Out of Our Heads (U.S., 1965)
Out of Our Heads (U.K., 1965)
December’s Children (And Everybody’s) (1965)
Aftermath (U.K., 1966)
Aftermath (U.S., 1966)
Between the Buttons (UK, 1967)
Flowers (1967)
Their Satanic Majesties Request (1967)
Beggar’s Banquet (1968)
Let it Bleed (1969)
Stray Cats (2016)



One Chord to Another 20th Anniversary Box Set

Track Listing:
LP 1: One Chord to Another

1. The Good In Everyone
2. Nothing Left To Make Me Want To Stay
3. Autobiography
4. Junior Panthers
5. G Turns To D
6. A Side Wins
7. Everything You’ve Done Wrong
8. Anyone Who’s Anyone
9. The Lines You Amend
10. Take The Bench
11. Can’t Face Up
12. 400 Metres

LP 2: The Outtakes

1. El Say
2. Pictures Now
3. Adele
4. Baxter
5. I’m Gonna Give It A Try
6. Song #1
7. Learn How To Play Dead
8. Imagine All Songs
9. Flexible Flyer
10. In My Mind
11. Teachers In The Bleachers

LP 3: Recorded “Live” at a Sloan Party

1. Let’s Get the Party Started
2. I Can Feel It
3. Dignified and Old (Jonathan Richman)
4. Glitter and Gold (Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil)
5. Over You (Bryan Ferry and Phil Manzanera)
6. I Am the Cancer
7. I Can’t Let Go (Chip Taylor and Al Gorgoni)
8. Stood Up (Matthew Grimson)
9. On the Road Again/Transona Five (Jones and Wilson/Gane and Sadier)
10. I Wouldn’t Want to Lose Your Love (Myles Goodwin)


1. Mirror Ball (Junior Panthers demo)
2. John, You Made It On (G Turns To D demo)



Complete Works

What you get…

40 Oz. To Freedom [gatefold 2-LP with removable 3D lenticular cover art print]
Robbin’ The Hood [gatefold 2-LP with removable 3D lenticular cover art print]
Sublime [gatefold 2-LP with removable 3D lenticular cover art print]
Second-Hand Smoke [gatefold 2-LP]
Acoustic: Bradley Nowell & Friends [1-LP]
Stand By Your Van: Live [expanded gatefold 2-LP, exclusive to the box set]
Jah Won’t Pay The Bills [expanded gatefold 2-LP, exclusive to the box set]
Exclusive turntable mat designed by Opie Ortiz and two exclusive art lithographs by Sublime fans/artists



Paul McCartney
Pure McCartney (4 LPs)

Track Listing:

Disc: 1
1. Maybe I m Amazed
2. Heart Of The Country
3. Jet
4. Warm and Beautiful
5. Listen To What The Man Said
6. Dear Boy
7. Silly Love Songs
8. The Song We Were Singing
9. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
10. Another Day
11. New

Disc: 2
1. Mull of Kintyre
2. Sing The Changes
3. Jenny Wren
4. Mrs Vanderbilt
5. Save Us
6. Let Em In
7. Let Me Roll it
8. Ebony and Ivory
9. Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five

Disc: 3
1. Band on the Run
2. Arrow Through Me
3. My Love
4. Live and Let Die
5. Too Much Rain
6. Say Say Say (2015 remix)
7. My Valentine
8. Goodnight Tonight
9. The World Tonight
10. Pipes of Peace

Disc: 4
1. Dance Tonight
2. Here Today
3. Wanderlust
4. Great Day
5. Coming Up
6. No More Lonely Nights
7. Too Many People
8. Only Mama Knows
9. With a Little Luck
10. Hope For The Future
11. Junk



And just in case my mom IS actually reading this….


Bright Eyes
The Studio Albums 2000-2011