Flavor Flav ‘Sang’ The Star Spangled Banner Last Night At The Milwaukee Bucks Game…

Fergie Holds the top spot for the most 'entertaining' version of the anthem...Flav is second though

New York-born rapper Flava Flav made an appearance in Milwaukee over the weekend. It wasn’t the season opener or home opener, it was simply a Sunday night game for the Bucks…and a game that they lost — maybe it was the performance ahead of time that threw everyone off.

Enjoy the Star Spangled Banner from Flavor Flav who certainly made it his own.

How could that not throw you off? Not sure what Flavor Flav’s affiliation with the team is, he wasn’t born there and doesn’t live there, so maybe he just likes the team?

That’s a hell of a gift to the guys. The average length of the national anthem (frequently bet on during the Superbowl) is 1 minute and 55 seconds. Flavor Flav clocked in just under 3 minutes.
Believe it or not, his performance is not even close to being the ‘strangest’ version of the anthem. Fergie back in 2018 did her thing which takes the cake at number 1, weirdest, strangest, funniest anthem…too bad she wasn’t going for any of those titles.