Foo Fighters Unveil New Drummer

Quite the show from Foo Fighters Who Brought In Some Friends To Help Introduce The New Drummer

The announcement we have all been waiting for came this weekend on the Foo Fighters live-streaming event. Before we get into who the new drummer is, watch the clip and see the big reveal.

As you saw from the clip, Tommy Lee won’t be the new drummer for Foo Fighters. Neither will Chad Smith. It seemed like a bit of a drummer’s fraternity meeting before we found out who the new drummer taking over for Taylor Hawkins would be. He was finally unveiled, the new man on the drums for Foo Fighters will be Josh Freese. A name you may not have heard before — but has tons of credibility when you find out who the 50-year-old drummer has played with in the past.

He recently had to bail on a 2023 summer tour with the Offspring to join Foo Fighters but the touring drummer has had stints with Guns N’ Roses, Nine Inch Nails, Sting, Weezer, and Sublime with Rome. Freese was also part of both Taylor Hawkins Tributes last year, so yeah — he’s a busy professional drummer that is certainly qualified for the gig.

If you’re seeing Foo Fighters this summer — they got their guy.