Five Gifts NOT to Get Dad for Father’s Day

These are so bad, they're good!

1. Meggings 

Why should women be the only ones to experience the comfort and versatility of leggings? Are they underwear, are they pyjamas? Meggings are specifically designed for men to “liberate the modern man from conventional male fashion”. Although this gift might seem like a good idea, dad might disagree. Unless he’s a hipster. Then, you should get him one of every colour.

2. Uro Club 

Just in time for golf season. The Uro Club will give dad the freedom of golfing 18 holes without having to take a bathroom break. It comes with a privacy towel, and triple seal, leak proof, cap. One question: will the added weight affect your swing?

3. Shakoolie

Is there anything more refreshing than an ice cold beer in the shower on a hot summer day? The only problem with shower beers: there’s nowhere to put them. Cut to the Shakoolie. It’s a Shower Beer Holder so dad will always have a place to put his beer when it’s time to wash his back.

4. Shittens

This product is pretty self explanatory. Shittens will ensure dad gets a clean wipe. Every time.

5. Human Slingshot

What happens when you give dad a Human Slingshot? Hours of fun for him and the whole family, that’s what. Just make sure someone is supervising because this fun is guaranteed to get out of hand.