New Technology Used In Edmonton Mimics The Play In Real Time For Home Fans During Away Games

Nice Touch?

Over the years plenty of technology has been added to the broadcasts, when they tried the glowing puck and the puck with a trail, to the constantly changing banners on the boards to in-game interviews, most have been a miss. However, something that is on a much smaller scale, may have nailed it.

When an NHL team in the playoffs has an away game, often the home arena becomes a place for fans to gather. Maple Leaf Square for the Leafs has been a party the past few games with thousands of fans watching from standing room only. In some cases, in the southern states, the fans bring their lawn chairs and hang out in the evening sun, but in Canada that is not always the case so they bring the fans into the building.

Edmonton has had some rough weather and always does, so they are the type of team to bring the fans inside. In addition to having the game on the big screen, they are also trying out some interesting tech on the ice surface. Tracking the puck and players’ movements in real-time.

Edmonton is selling out their arena on away games and using real time puck/player tracking to display whats happening on the ice in L.A.
by u/LanceBakersMan in hockey

This isn’t something you are going to watch the whole time, but it enhances the experience at the rink when it is an away game. It’s a nice touch. It’s $5 dollars a ticket by the way.