A Birthday Bash Cheat Sheet To Help You Be Caller 9

Helping you help yourself to the biggest party of the year, by highlighting some of the do's & donts!

Tired of hearing a busy signal for the thousandth time? Here’s some hints to up your chances at being caller 9 for the Rock 95 Birthday Bash!


The phones are ringing off the hook during Birthday Bash season, even when it’s not time to score your passes. But it actually doesn’t pay off to try to “call early” or “jump the cue”. Check out the video above to see how the phones are on hold right up until the end of the cue to call. And then there’s the process of getting through the first 8 callers until the lucky #9! That takes some time, so it doesn’t pay to call right away either! My advice is to wait at least 20 seconds!


We’re all very excited for our 35th birthday party on November 10th, so we’re all talking it up a bunch! But, all your favourite Rock 95 hosts just chatting about the Bash, doesn’t mean it’s time to score your passes. There’s only one, pre-produced, very distinctive sounder you should listen for!


Not getting through after thousands of attempts can be frustrating, but keep in mind that different cell phone carriers, and even home phone companies, have different ways to communicate a busy signal. Sometimes you hear the classic “busy signal” tone. Sometimes you hear a recording saying “the customer you are calling, isn’t available.” And sometimes, it just doesn’t ring at all or you get disconnected. Nothing is wrong, it’s just the different technical ways your phone is being told the line is busy. Keep trying!


Remember, being caller 9 is just one of the many ways we’re hooking you up with the chance to get in to the biggest party of the year! So, keep caffeinated, stay strong, and don’t give up hope! All the details on the Rock 95 Birthday Bash are here!