Bryan Adams Dealt With A Stage Crasher Perfectly

Handled It Like A Pro, Bryan Adams did, Security Needs Some Work

It seems like every second day we are hearing about musicians dealing with stage crashers, or even worse, getting pelted in the head with random objects. It’s amazing what ‘fans’ think they can get away with.

The latest incident occurred at a Bryan Adams concert, where a stage crasher somehow made it on stage during Summer of ’69, and was able to get on the mic for way too long. Feels like security should stop anyone well before that, the guy got a whole line out and was almost confused himself as to why hadn’t been tackled yet.

Bryan Adams backed up let the crasher have his moment, didn’t miss a beat or repeat the lyrics just kept it moving like a true professional.

Unfortunately seeing how badly security dealt with this, it doesn’t appear this discourage anyone from doing this in the future.

@.aliciajo Some guy jumped on stage at @Bryan Adams concert last night in SLC and was dragged off by security. Bryan’s reaction was incredible. #bryanadams #bryanadamsconcert #concert #music #livemusic #concerttime #80srock #bryanadamssumemerof69 #summerof69 #concertcrasher #slc #bryanadamssaltlake ♬ original sound – Alicia