British Council Won’t Help Guy Dig Up His $500M In BitCoin

He's offered a quarter and they still won't help him out.

It was 2013 when James Howells was cleaning his office and he accidentally threw out a hard drive containing what is now valued at around £340 million, or around $579 million in loonies. By the time he noticed the hard drive had disappeared it was already at the landfill. This is where James’ battle with his local city council began, because since 2014 he’s been asking for permission to search the electronic scrap pile for his hard drive. James has even gone as far as offering a quarter of the funds to the council if it’s found, but it hasn’t gone well for him.

Howells has assembled a team of professionals that will be able to recover any information from the hard drive if it was damaged in the landfill, these teams being so elite that one of them recovered the data from the 2003 Challenger explosion. He even has financial backing to fund the project and promised to include council in any planning in the recovery of this very valuable hard drive.

The council has been shutting down James for a few years for multiple reasons. The main one being that there is no promise that they will even be able to find this hard drive in a giant pile of electronic trash. There is also the huge cost of digging up a 200 squared meter area that is about 15 meters deep, and  a huge environmental impact to be considered.

After almost 8 years, it doesn’t look too good for James in the near future either.