Blind Melon’s ‘All I Can Say’ Is Available To Stream Today

this footage screams 90s so bad

Back in the 90s there were plenty of people who carried a video camera around with them, making home videos. This would have been the early stages of Vlogging, video blogging. Maybe your parents did that, I certainly remember my pops with a massive video recorder slung over his shoulder. The footage is not what we have become accustomed to nowadays, yet the moving pictures still tell a story. Shannon Hoon, who fronted the band Blind Melon documentared many aspects of his life from 1990 to 1995, including him laying the lyrics down for their iconic tune, ‘No Rain.’ This trailer will show you never before seen footage from Hoon’s camera, and has footage up until his unexpected death a few weeks after his 28th birthday. This documentary looks very raw but certainly has appeal to it and it is available to stream today.