Bit Of Thanksgiving Miracle Here In Barrie

The case of the abandoned Rabbits

This is great story for your Thanksgiving weekend (but really any time).

At about 10 minutes to 2pm this afternoon I got a call from a Barrie resident named Donna who had a bit of an issue…

I was shocked to hear how someone could do this to their pets! We will never understand why — but that wasn’t what was important right now. We needed a solution. And the people of Barrie stepped up.

Newfie Geoff was the first call and said the SPCA was a route Donna could take. But it didn’t stop there. A couple called in and suggested taking the rabbits to Chapel Farm just outside of town.

Andrew was next to ring Rock 95 and mentioned Shades of Hope could be an option for the abandoned Rabbits.

These calls came in so quickly it was tough to keep up!  Donna needed some help, some of these places might not be available this specific weekend so more options were better. And it seems like we saved the best for last with this caller.

What a whirlwind of a Saturday afternoon but it was incredible the support that Donna received and she called us to let to know the result to the story.


Had a great ending! Thanks to the other facebook messages and other callers who offered help! What a solid community we have here in Barrie!