*Listen* New Greta Van Fleet

Is a new album on the way?

Oh our week (year) needed this heading into Thanksgiving, first AC/DC and now Greta Van Fleet have released new music. Greta Van Fleet only released one song last year “Always There” which is part of the soundtrack for A Million Little Pieces, the rest of the year they spent touring the world. Believe it or not— Greta Van Fleet has only released one full length album to date, Anthem of the Peaceful Army, which came out in late 2018.

Most musicians have been going a little stir crazy during this pandemic, like the rest of us —but the bright side to that is lots of bands have been able to work on new music to share. Frontman Josh Kiszka spoke about the new track, “‘My Way, Soon’ is a song about liberation and self realization on the road to the farthest sides of the world, where customs and cultures collide. It’s a song about the beating heart of the inner adventure of every man and woman in history. And it’s a first person account of my adventures in the world and how they have impacted my life. On the track itself, invites anyone who listens to come along on those adventures to experience their own when it’s time.”

Have a listen (& watch) below!