Exclusive Interview with Talk: The Journey Behind “Run Away to Mars”

At this point, you have probably heard the song “Run Away To Mars”. But what […]

At this point, you have probably heard the song “Run Away To Mars”. But what about the artist behind the masterpiece, Talk?

Mcully had the chance to chat with Talk for an interview, where he shares the origin of his name, growing up and life with ADHD and the role his friends play behind the scenes.

In our conversation, Talk shares that Coldplay is the inspiration for his stage name. “I credit them with saving my life and they make me want to do what they did for me for others,” Talk shares. He adds “and also I talk a lot,” as a second inspiration for his name.

He tells us how his love for music started at 4 years old when he first started playing drums and how growing up with ADHD led to him learning several instruments and styles of music.

“It was a blessing for me, to play multiple instruments instead of just staying on one”.  He goes on to share a bit of wisdom for anyone growing up with ADHD as well.

He Credits Coldplay for more than just his name. He shares their message of never giving up and accepting everyone and loving everyone.

When asked about who he surrounds himself with, he says it’s important to have honest people around you. He talks about his team “I’m very fortunate that they all love me enough to tell me if I’m making a mistake,” going on to describe his bandmates and manager as a family.

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More about Canadian Singer and Songwriter Talk

Talk was born in Ottawa. He found passion at a young age for making music and started playing drums at 4 years old.

As he got older he started his professional music career as a bassist in a country band. 

After limited success he moved into creating his own vision. But, like so many, found himself struggling through the pandemic. One night he found inspiration from the movie Interstellar he wrote the smash hit “Run Away To Mars” overnight. It took some time to gain popularity, but peaked at #22 on the Canadian Hot 100 list earlier this year.

Following the success, Talk released his first studio album in October 2023, Called Lord of the Flies & Birds & Bees. Which is available everywhere.