Kobe Bryant — A Man Who God Couldn’t Wait To Meet

The World Lost A Legend

I’ve never cried when a celebrity/athlete has passed away. But it was close Yesterday when the world got the news that NBA LEGEND Kobe Bryant was killed in a tragic helicopter accident. That hurt. A lot. I’m such a lover of sports– I mean big time, I like some sports more than others, sure, but I respect them all. When news started spreading of Kobe Bryant’s death, I didn’t believe it. A lot of people didn’t, and that is why social media can be so toxic. However as the day progressed, we all learned– what we didn’t want to believe– was sadly true. Kobe Bryant, along with his 13 year old daughter Gianna, and 3 other passengers had tragically been killed in a helicopter accident.

I don’t care if you aren’t into sports, this is tough news. More than that, because along with the other passengers, the world lost a legend of the game of baseketball, and a person that realized his gift, utilized it, and through that made the world a better place. Whether it was through his heroic sporting acts, his constant display of affection toward his family, or his personality that shined bright through numerous tv and radio appearances over 20 years, Kobe Bryant was a legend on and off the court, a lovable human, athlete and role model.

Before I got into radio I worked at a graveyard. Doing yes–exactly what you think–laying people in their final resting spot. I didn’t hate it, and I actually buried my own grandma (I’d say grandmother, but I just never called her that). After a tragedy, which many deaths are, things are difficult—what things? All of them. I once had a funeral procession come into our graveyard, and the weather was torrential downpour. The rain was so hard, that it could only– let up. However, the entire procession got out of their vehicles in the hard rain and stood while they lowered the body. I first thought, “why not just wait a moment?”, although I quickly realized, why wait at all? This was the perfect moment for that. You aren’t supposed to have any other emotion than sad while you are at a funeral, why pretend anything different?

Death is a painful, tragic, and tough realization we all have to deal with. So don’t avoid it, if feeling sad, or angry, or mad, or hurt, is an emotion you feel, then feel it. It’s okay.

I want to share a song that I think is the most appropriate song when someone we love passes.

To Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and the 3 other passengers who were part of a tragic helicopter accident,

Van Morrison – Into the Mystic.

May people forever yell “Kobe,” when they throw anything into a bin. RIP to a global Icon, Kobe Bryant– a man that introduced me to the game of basketball, and the first and only basketball jersey I have ever purchased.