Adam Driver Returns To SNL

Adam Driver Host's SNL Tonight for the first show of 2020

Adam Driver has quickly shot up to super stardome after being cast as Kylo Ren in the latest Star Wars trilogy. He is now nominated for an Oscar this year for his work in Marriage Story as well. Although those are relatively serious roles, he also has had some comedic characters— like in Logan Lucky. However when was Adam Driver truly at this funniest? Back in 2016, the last time he hosted SNL. I love when a serious actor goes onto SNL because they get to show a side of them you don’t always see, and because they are a professional actor the skits seem to deliver much better. Better than say —when a musician first hosts…like Taylor Swift.

This weekend it is All Star Weekend for the NHL, it is the Pro Bowl for the NFL, and the NBA is well, the NBA. If you’re needing something to watch this weekend SNL tonight is sure to deliver if Adam Driver puts up even half the performance he did last time.

Check my favourite skit from 2016 when Adam Driver played Kylo Ren, although a spoof on Undercover Boss.

If Star Wars isn’t your thing, then this will be.


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​​Never serve a Domenico’s man burger coffee.

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If neither of these were funny to you, then humour isn’t your thing. And at least you know that for sure now.