Worst Thing That Could Happen At A Pool Party

It's worse than a floater in the pool

Public pools are overrated, but if you need to cool down and you don’t live by the water, it’s part of your childhood. The pool is usually overcrowded, loaded with chlorine, and too warm to be refreshing. Plus the crowds you get are a bit of a mess, there are all ages of people acting recklessly, you can’t trust anyone, you are constantly looking back at your stuff, there is always a few weird people that you seem to come in contact with — However you deal with all that just to jump in.

Have you ever had the hype of going to a pool and then it’s closed? Happened a lot at hotels when I was younger and although they would blame maintenance for the pool closure, rumours always spread that some kid left a floater and they had to drain the thing. Well what happened at this pool is on par with that.

The fun immediately ended and you know that this is going to take a long time to fix, the fun was over.