The A.I. Program That Will Draw Anything You Tell It

Don't even try to get nudity, but abstract stuff works pretty well!

Well, it may be the start of artificial intelligence taking over the world, but at least it’s fun!

An A.I. program is available to draw whatever you tell it to, in about two minutes. Sometimes the results are good, other times their bad or just plain trippy!

It’s called Craiyon, as in A.I., and it’s available to try here:

Below are some of my attempts at totally random creations!

Hulk Hogan Wearing Headphones

Gene Simmons Naked Drinking A Beer

An Alien Standing Outside The White House

Clearly, it doesn’t do very well with people…unless you’re on drugs. But more abstract images work better. And the more descriptive you are, with animals & colours, the better.

Orange Fox Standing In Field Of Roses

Obviously, the big question is: if this is the artificial technology that’s available for fun public use, what exists that we don’t know about? Will we be able to trust thing we even see with our own eyes?

Anyway, give it a try for yourself and have fun. Just remember, don’t even try to get nudity because it seems to have an algorithm to block that. 😉

Ben McCully Giving Two Thumbs Up