Wear Your Canadian Musical Pride On Your Chest Tomorrow!

July 30th will be the first ever #CdnMusicTShirtDay!

You’ve got time to hit your closet and grab a that band t-shirt with too many holes cause you’ve worn it too much.

Tomorrow will be the day to wear that sucker with pride, and make sure you post it using the hashtag #CdnMusicTShirtDay and @CdnMusicTShirtDay on Instagram!

It for sure is a day to representing your favourite Canadian talent, it is also a day to help our budding artists succeed, and this is why the the Unison Fund is involved. The Unison Fund has really come to the fore front for Canadian artist during the pandemic offering them financial and mental supports. If you’re wearing a t-shirt or not, you can celebrate Canadian music by donating here.

The best part is on top of musical talent, they’re supporting digital artists.

They had these images made by artist @goopdude, and made them free for anyone to share, you just gotta tag the guy!

So tomorrow’s gonna be a hard decision.

What shirt are you gonna wear?