TOP 500 Weekend

What were your top favourites?

This Labour Day Long weekend, ROCK 95 takes a look back at some of the top songs of all time.  Everyone has favourites from when they grew up and songs that you feel should be the among greatest of all time, but what does it take to become one of the all time great songs from throughout the years?  Well, as you’ll see in the video below, not every song that charted the longest in each year throughout the decades was what you might consider one of those “Greats”.  The list will surprise you.

We want to hear your votes for your 3 all time top favourites to add to this weekend’s list.  Vote here and then be listening as we count down the Top 500 songs of all time starting Friday afternoon and going right through the long weekend until we get to the Number 1 Song of all time sometime Labour Day Monday afternoon.