Top 500 Countdown This Weekend!

A Labour Day Tradition


It’s the final long weekend of the 95 Days of Summer, and what a summer 2020 has been!  It’s a summer that will be etched into our memories for years to come.  From cancelled summer events to social distancing and wearing masks as the new “norm”, at least it’s nice to see that some things remain the same like the Top 500 Countdown!

It’s a Labour Day tradition that dates back to the 1990’s when the Countdown was first born and continues to this day with the help of listeners votes leading up the to the Top 500 and the ultimate top song vote of the year which will be aired sometime Labour Day Monday afternoon.

Labour Day weekend will still has a bit of that warm air and some sunshine here and there, but you can also start to feel the change of the season now as kids and parents prepare for the staggered back to school start next week.  One thing is for sure, a lot of people are still going to be enjoying this one last glorious long weekend of summer and with it the Top 500 Songs of all time that has become such a big part of Labour Day weekend celebrations around Central Ontario.

Also, be listening for details how how you can win some ROCK 95 Birthday Cash!

Pack ROCK 95 along with your summer gear, get out, enjoy and play safe this Labour Day holdiay weekend!  Cheers!