Today in Rock history-Sept 20- Lennon leaves the Beatles

Do you think Yoko split the band up?

On September 20th, 1969. The Beatles had a meeting at Apple to renegotiate their royalty contract with the record company EMI. Although John Lennon’s manager Allan Kelin begged him to reconsider Lennon let the rest of the band know that he would no longer be in The Beatles.

McCartney, Ringo and Klein Outside of Apple on Sept 20, 1969. Image: /

Despite his leaving, Lennon was still entitled to the new royalty contract with the band.  This new contract would ensure that the band had complete control over how their music would be packaged and sold.  By 1971 the group’s entire back catalogue was made available on Apple Records. The Beatles’ personal incomes were greatly improved, and Apple was guaranteed a regular income until at least 1976.

Ono, Lennon, Klein, McCartney, and Starr signing the new contract.

Watch Lennon and Ono on the Dick Cavett show speaking about how The Beatles broke up.