The Great Trophy Debate… Should You Return Your Kids’ Participation Awards?

In today’s world (or for kids, at least) there are no winners or losers. In […]

In today’s world (or for kids, at least) there are no winners or losers. In an effort to create a “level playing field,” Participation Awards have replaced the idea of friendly competition, and in some sports, such as Soccer Under 12, score isn’t even taken.

This issue is a hot topic, and this new ad from Kia perfectly illustrates how many parents feel about “The Great Trophy Debate.” After rigorous training and undefeated wins, why shouldn’t his son get the recognition he deserves?

Recently Pittsburg Steelers linebacker James Harrison, dubbed one of the “hardest working men in the NFL” voiced his opinion on this via Instagram. When he came home to find these Participation Awards on his counter, he decided to return them immediately.
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“I came home to find out that my boys received two trophies for nothing, participation trophies! While I am very proud of my boys for everything they do and will encourage them till the day I die, these trophies will be given back until they EARN a real trophy. I’m sorry I’m not sorry for believing that everything in life should be earned and I’m not about to raise two boys to be men by making them believe that they are entitled to something just because they tried their best…cause sometimes your best is not enough, and that should drive you to want to do better…not cry and whine until somebody gives you something to shut u up and keep you happy. #harrisonfamilyvalues”


What do you think? Is rewarding all children equally for effort positive, to encourage them stay involved? Or are we setting our children up for failure, failing to prepare them for competition, and to push them to strive harder?

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