The End for the Foo Fighters? Well, Not Quite…

After Much Speculation, The Band Makes An Official Announcement

There was much speculation in recent days that the band The Foo Fighters were breaking up. Rumours were swirling that Dave Grohl was having tension with the band’s drummer, Taylor Hawkins. In fact in an interview back in January Hawkins had said the band was on an indefinite hiatus. Others sited recent appearances of Grohl now performing solo as he did during his Oscar’s performance during the “In Memoriam” section as a sign that he was venturing out on his own.

Then, the band fueled even more conjecture by posting they would have an “official announcement” on their social media sites last night which many of the faithful thought might spell the end of one of the top rock outfits in the world. Their fans were relieved after last night’s “official announcement” that turned out to be a video basically spoofing all of the rumours that had circulating about the bands demise and a clear statement for the Millionth Time that they weren’t breaking up and no one’s going fu**ing solo. Which for rock fans is great news because after all, without the band, who would be around to protect us all from the Foo?

Official announcement video: