Need A New Career? How About A Grizzly Bear Conflict Manager?

Resolving the grizzly issues could pay over $100k a year.

With the skyrocketing cost of living and the overwhelming dumpster fire that is right now in time, plenty of people have seriously considered dropping it all and moving to the woods. To become a person of the forest, and to escape the trivial things that come with living in suburbia. like neighbourly disputes about how long your grass is, and when to cut it. Or that your kids are playing outside too loudly. So why not escape to the beautiful mountains of Montana and take up a new career as a Grizzly Bear Conflict Manager?

No, you won’t be breaking up bear fights over who gets to make the babies, or who’s “neck of the woods” it is. It’s more along the lines of settling disputes between bears and humans and or property.  Everything from bears turns cows into hamburger meat, or just finding Yogi in the backyard. For $79,000 to $103,000 you take care of the fuzzy terrors, doing whatever it takes to make the community safe.

No word on the uniform but it could be along these lines.