How Froderick The Frog Went From Fence Post To Mansion

How a Frog would live who won the lottery

Have you ever had a visitor come stay with you? Maybe they stayed inside and you let them use the shower and a bed but imagine if you gave them their place to stay and live forever on your property?

That’s what a 3D printer can do for you.

This Aussie found a frog, quickly named Froderick, living in a metal fence post…not an ideal home. So he went to work and created a small house with his 3D printer…but that wasn’t good enough. Not for Froderick. He deserved more, and he got more.

Watch how Froderick started his own commune on top of a fence thanks to a helpful Aussie and a resourceful 3D printer.

Don’t be jealous if this frog is living better than you.