Is An Emotional Support Alligator Just An Alligator Who Hasn’t Bitten Someone Yet?

The Little Girl Even Puts Her Fingers on Wally's Mouth

This video gets more and more bizarre the longer you watch. You’ve seen emotional support animals, primarily dogs. There are a variety of animals, tons of them ridiculous, but none more so than an alligator.

These are the animals that people claim to need to bring with them, on airplanes, in movie theatres, and going to the mall, however when you have an alligator, they need some water so how about a public pool?

The Gator’s name is Wally, he’s friendly, for now, and he loves swimming around with children in a public pool.

Wally seems to be nice, relaxed, and calm when he’s around children and anyone really in a public setting but isn’t that just for now?

It reminds me of someone who has a snake as a pet, and the snake always at some point, goes for the kill. These wild animals can’t be fully trusted right? If they don’t bite, it’s because they haven’t bitten anyone yet…right?