The Montreal Canadiens’ Carey Price Botched The 5th Overall Pick Last Night

Better to not say anything than to pronounce something wrong?

The 2023 NHL draft took place last night, the predicted #1 pick Connor Bedard went to the Chicago Blackhawks to no surprise, but then a few picks in the top 10 seemed to catch people off guard. The Montreal Canadiens ended up keeping their 5th overall pick for this year’s draft and brought Carey Price up on stage with them to announce the pick…and that didn’t go as planned.

David…Reinbacher. That’s a name you’d need to practice saying out loud before you get on the mic — and even if Price did that, it wouldn’t have helped. He froze up there under the lights.

Do you think it’s better to not say anything at all — rather than mispronounce someone’s last name?