Brown running for Mayor of Brampton

Brown is one of seven candidates vying for election on October 22nd

Former PC Leader Patrick Brown is trying another route back into politics. After Doug Ford and the Governing Ontario PC’s cancelled elections for regional chair positions in four locations, including Peel, Brown has put his name in the hat to run for mayor of Brampton. Brown resigned as PC Leader in January following allegations of sexual misconduct. Brown puts himself against six other candidates.

The Governing Ontario PC’s cancelled elections for regional chair positions in four locations, including Peel, where Brown was running

More reaction to the announcement this morning that the Premier will cut Toronto city council from 47 members to 25 for the upcoming election and erase the regional chair races. The Chair of Political Science at Laurentian University Michael Johns questions the timing of this decision.

“If this was something he was really concerned about he had the opportunity to campaign on it during the election, he didn’t, or he could have after being elected, put this as a priority and spend time to go through the process and have it ready for the next election.”

Toronto Mayor calls for a referendum

The Toronto Star says Toronto Mayor John Tory is calling for a referendum on the size of Toronto’s city council.

When asked whether Toronto Mayor John Tory might have leverage to challenge this move, Michael Johns says the Province is allowed to do this.

“Cities and Municipalities don’t have a real legal standing within our constitution, only the provinces and the federal government exist constitutionally and the province has the responsibility for looking after what municipalities do and they can set the rules for what municipalities do.”

Johns discusses what kind of ramifications this has ahead of the October vote.

“There may be legal challenges by candidates, not necessarily the City, but the candidates who are running – to recoup costs. You are going to make it very difficult if the extend the deadline into September. The election is in October, it doesn’t give people a lot of time to know who they are running against and to come up with effective strategies.”

Johns adds it remains to be seen whether this decision will have an impact on voter turnout.

Challenger emerges in Barrie Mayoral race

In Simcoe County, Barrie Mayor Jeff Lehman has an opponent as Ram Faerber put his name in the hat to run for the mayors seat. A crowded race in Ward 1 as nine candidates are on the ballot to become the new Councillor; Four people are vying to replace the incumbent in Ward 8. Sergio Morales has been acclaimed in Barrie’s Ward 9 and will remain on city council for the 2018-2022 term