Listen to More From The Stones Live At El Mocambo

After 45 years, we get the album on May 13th.

It was in March when we first got word that the Rolling Stones were finally going to release the famous 1977 show live from Toronto’s El Mocambo club. A small venue for the band at the time, but no one knew the headliner was going to be the Stones.

The bill for that night was April Wine opening for a band called The Cockroaches. 

The plan was for the guys to record a live album from this show, but it never made it to production. In celebration of 60 years of the Rolling Stones, they are finally releasing the 45-year-old show on May 13th!

As we get closer to the date, they just wanted to give us a taste of what was to come with renditions of Tumbling Dice and Hot Stuff.



Here’s what you can expect in the set and you can preorder the live El Mocambo album here.