Bring Back The Annual Iowa Husband Calling Championships

Top Prize Took Home A Whopping $5 USD

Are you proud of that loud yell you can deliver that travels from one side of the house to the other? Well…it likely doesn’t come close to these ladies at the Iowa Husband Calling Championship. It’s a ridiculous contest, yet the entertainment value is through the roof.

Perhaps more shocking than the entire contest itself, is that the top prize is a measly five dollars. But come on, you’re not doing it for the prize money it’s all about the title and the glory and bragging rights that go along with being the Iowa Husband Calling Champion!

@_rhinestonecowboy some good ol’ fashioned “husband calling” at the iowa state fair #iowastatefair #husbandcalling #yoohoo #idkidk #americana #fyp ♬ original sound – rhinestone cowboy