What You Missed From Opening Day: Blue Jays Win, Man Gets Thumped While Proposing

Bats Were Going For The Jays Winning 10-9 Over St. Louis

Opening Day for Major League Baseball was yesterday, often the day that lots of people watch a game or at least part of a game for the first…and only time this year. It’s exciting because baseball starting means Spring — so if you aren’t a diehard ball fan, you can still be a warm-weather fan.

Jays were on the road to open the 2023 season and right from the get-go, they were bringing runs in.

The afternoon went well into the evening even though the new pitch clock was in place, which had knocked off about 25 minutes per game during Spring Training. The 410pm game wasn’t finished til 8 pm. Is that working?

If you’re someone who likes baseball because it signifies the season of Spring and warmer weather, you’ll like the next story. You’ve likely heard of streakers at a sporting event, that’s been done, you’ve probably seen videos of people proposing at games as well — and now not a complete mix of both, but close. This was not in Toronto, but in Los Angeles a fan ran onto the field — to propose.

Romantic? Daring? Stupid? Yes to all. However, the memory and story will be around forever, and that’s all you can ask for.