An Interesting Bet For The SUPER BIG Game

What do you think, is Mr. Peanut actually dead?

The final game of the NFL season is right around the corner which means this is the time of year where most people tune in and watch football. More people are dragged to watch parties which means the audience is at an all time high. For the individuals who are not huge fans of the game of football, small prop bets can make the game more entertaining. How long will the National Anthem be? Will it be Heads or Tails in the opening coin toss? What team scores first? The list goes on and on. The prop bets are mostly the same every year… Until now. Commercials are leaking, and it appears that we may have lost an ICON.

Now it looks like the Estate has said Mr Peanut is gone, dead, never to be back. Something tells me in the second half of the big game we are going to find out something else happened.

Biggest prop bet of the decade? Well…we just started it so… yeah.