7 Easy-to-keep New Year’s Resolutions

...or how to half-ass your way to a successful 2018

With the new year comes a feeling of renewal; a chance to start fresh, a clean slate! But, each year people seem to set SUPER DIFFICULT goals for themselves, and then within a week or so they give up. And instead of trying again…say something like “Maybe next year.”

Well that’s nonsense! This problem is really easy to fix.

Set the bar lower!!

Here are 7 popular New Year’s Resolution…that I’ve revised to make MUCH easier to succeed.


Quit Smoking…as much.

Why resolve to quit smoking when you can simply curb your habit. Pack-a-day Darter? Try half a pack a day. Save a little money and a little life!


Get fit…ish.

If you jump into a daily workout routine, you’re probably going to hate it. It takes time, it hurts, you get all sweaty.
If you aim to work out maybe once-twice a week, you’re more likely to succeed. Even if you accidentally shovel the drive-way, THAT’S EXERCISE! Way to go, champ!



Quit drinking…all the time.

Drinking can be a good time. But maybe you’ve been having too many good times (especially over the holidays) and you need to give your liver a break. I get that. But quitting altogether? Come on. Don’t be crazy. Try not drinking during the week. Or only during Saturday Hockey games. OR, if you usually buy a toof, cut-er down to a 15-pack, bud.


Save money. Spend less money.

Going out with friends? Forget your wallet! Not all the time but 40% of the time. And try not to make a routine out of it, that’s how they’ll notice. Blame your forgetfulness on getting older. That’s something everyone will understand.


Get a new job…ethic.

Getting a new job takes a lot of work (pardon the pun), especially if you are already working full-time. It’s not like there’s a tonne of jobs out there anyway. So if you’re not happy with your current position, find ways to work less.
Take longer bathroom breaks, use your sick days – that’s what they’re there for!, reach out to find very distant relatives who might be travelling to “the great beyond” soon and go to their respective funerals (shameless but effective). By employing these methods, and using a little simple math…you will actually be making more money per hour.



When people think “travel” they usually think of some tropical destination or Europe. But it literally means “going somewhere”. Want to go out for dinner? Go to East Side Mario’s on the other side of town. Or, drive past your normal gas station and hit the next one. NOW YOU’RE EXPLORING!
Real talk: try being a tourist in your own city/town. It’s actually a lot of fun.


Watch less TV…shows.

Let’s be honest. There a few shows you’re currently keeping up with that you don’t actually LIKE anymore. Is “Bones” still on? Because “Bones” is a great example. Shedding those extra television pounds will free up a few hours every week.

There you have it!

Follow these 7 tips and you’ll have a happier, healthier 2017.


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