5 Ways to Save Money This Fall

Ideas to ensure the pockets are lined for winter

It’s hard to say goodbye to summer as it winds down. A long, cold winter is looming, but there’s good news in that fall gives us a chance to slowly shift from busy days to months of hibernation. Cooling weather reminds us to sit back, review the damage a summer of fun has done on our bank accounts and do what we can to save a few bucks here and there. After all, it’s never too early to save for next year’s shenanigans.

Buy out of season

Image 2 Out of Season Sale

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If you know you’ll have to replace your patio set next summer, don’t wait until then to pick up a new one. You might have to store what you gather at end-of-summer sales this fall, but what you’ll save from thinking ahead will make the hoarding worth it. The sales cycle goes beyond end-of-summer sales, too. Buy large appliances and bed linens in September, cars and air conditioners in October, and televisions, wedding dresses and DVDs in November.


Image 3 DIY

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Saving money by ‘doing it yourself’ is a cinch with the plethora of ideas and plans available on the Internet. You don’t have to crafting with cat hair or make chairs out of wine corks or go all MacGyver on the living room sofa to save some cash, though. Before you buy, do a quick search to see if what you’re looking for could be made on the cheap. Not crafty/handy/creative? Find a friend who is, hand over the plans and use your puppy dog eyes on them. Pretty sure even MacGyver didn’t have manipulation by cuteness in his toolbox.


Go solar

Image 4 Solar

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You can put a few solar panels up, or go totally off grid. No matter which option fits your needs, you’re able to save some bucks by reducing your frustrating hydro bill or being compensated thousands of dollars by the Ontario government for helping others. As a bonus, you’re helping to contribute to a greener world by using or generating clean energy – which won’t save you cash, but might help you sleep better at night. Find answers to your questions here.

Don’t deny that winter is coming

Image 5 Winter Prep

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You’ve been basking in the sun all summer, but that heat won’t last you through the winter. Check your heating filters and repair any seals or cracks or gaps in the house that are letting a draft in. An energy audit will cost some cash, but might be worth it to see where you can improve your space. Install a smart thermostat that you can set on a timer, and turn the heat down a bit – that’s why we have sweaters in this world.


Take another look at your bills

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Once you sign up for a service, you might have a tendency to fall into the routine of paying it monthly without thinking about whether or not it best serves you. Have you been loyal to a particular company despite offers from others? Are you using what you pay for? Review your bills – phone, Internet, cable – as well as the banking services you use to see if you can cut back on unused features or bundle options for a better deal.


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