5 Tips To Cure That New Year’s Eve Hangover

Just In Case

You try to limit yourself, but then one too many tequila shots later, you KNOW you’re getting a wicked hangover in the morning.

Try these New Year’s Hangover Cures to help make the first day of 2019 a little less painful…

Image courtesy of Vegan Liftz

Drink & Eat lots of vegetable or fruit juice- Load up at the veggie and fruit trays at the party the night of drinking. They contain fructose which helps speed up the process of your body breaking down the alcohol.

Bacon- Not only does a nice greasy bacon-y breakfast help soak up the leftover alcohol, it has also been scientifically proven, to just make you feel better.

Bananas- High in potassium, and that’s exactly what your body needs replenished after a night of drinking.

Take a hot shower- As much as you need to get new substances into your body, you also need to get the alcohol toxins out… plus you need to get that tequila smell off you.

Water- An oldie but a goodie! You’re dehydrated, so you need to get that water back in your body! Think of it this way: for every alcoholic drink/shot you do, you should have a glass of water. Doing this the night of the party will definitely help you feel better in the morning.

HAPPY 2019!


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