3 Ways to Unlock the Car When You Lock The Keys Inside…

Ever felt like this guy getting your keys out of your car?

A while back, I’m driving our brand spankin’ new truck back from an event. I pack up the keys, my sweater, a bag of chili with a nice slice of buttered bread and lock the door while I’m inside. I figure that’ll be easier because I’ve got too much stuff. 

Overloaded with everything, I walk towards the door to start my evening show and realize … I don’t have the keys. They’re locked in the truck. 

So, I went to Google and found these 3 ways to unlock your car if you’re in a pinch. 

3: Wedge and Hanger!

If you’ve ever locked your keys in the car, someone has probably suggested a hanger, whether seriously or in jest. In a car with manual locks, the idea is to get the hanger between the window and weather stripping to pull on the control arm. Alternatively, you can put the hanger into the door frame and disengage the lock pin. 

Some people suggest the same for automatic locks. Others say the only way to use a hanger to open an automatic lock is to put it through an open window and try to push the lock button. 

If you’re trying to disengage the lock pin through the door frame, you will most likely need a wedge. A door stop or any strong tool you can use as a wedge will apparently work. All the wedge does is hold the door frame out so you can get the hanger in there easier. 

Most every site you read this on warns that any coat hanger and/or wedge method can damage your car. Obviously not something I’d try on a company vehicle!

2: The Shoelace

This one is pretty nuts, and I actually would have tried this if I didn’t have the looming fear of ruining a brand new truck. 

To use the shoelace method, you want to find a sturdy piece of string or remove one of your shoelaces. 

Tie a slipknot in the middle of the string. Slip the knot inside your car. You may need to pry the door open slightly. Use a back and forth movement to work the knot down to the door’s lock post.

Tie Slip KnowImage from Pinterest

Once the knot is positioned over the post, you want to pull both ends of the string until the slip knot tightens over the lock post. Once it’s secure, pull up to unlock your car. 

For this to work, your car must have a post style door lock that sticks out above the inside door panel. These days, that isn’t the case for many cars. Secondly, there has to be a small knob at the top of the post so that the rope can cinch around it. If your lock post is completely smooth, the rope will just slip off as you pull. 

1: The Tennis Ball

If you need to unlock your car, this method has very few steps and is least likely to damage your vehicle. 

Start by burning a hole into a tennis ball. Next, place the burnt hole over the keyhole and press the ball as hard as you can. The air pressure from the ball will travel through the keyhole and force the mechanism to unlock. 

At least it’s supposed to but there’s NO WAY this actually works. LIKE NO POSSIBLE WAY. Come on…air pressure can’t open locks.

Ultimately, I decided these were probably not the best solutions for getting into our new company vehicle. Instead, I went the safe and dependable route.

A quick thank you to Kevin Richards, the Repo man and the creator of Shyte Chocolate, for coming and getting the keys out before my boss found out!

Check him out at www.ShyteChocolate.com.  

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