3 Ways to Unlock the Car When You Lock The Keys Inside….

Ever felt like this guy getting your keys out of your car??

So here I find myself at Camp Day handing out coffees and donuts to all you lovely listeners, helping kids who want to go to camp! I’m driving our brand spankin’ new Chevy Silverado from Georgian Chevrolet back from the event and pack up the keys, my sweater, a bag of with chilli with a nice slice of buttered bread and lock the door while I’m inside because well, I’ve got too much stuff, this will help me out. Walk towards the door to start my show this evening and realize…. I don’t have the keys… They’re locked in the truck… I began to google and found these 3 ways that probably don’t work at all to unlock your vehicle if you’re in a pinch.

Also a quick thank you too Kevin Richards the Repo man, and the creator of Shyte Chocolate for coming and getting the keys out before my boss found out !

Check him out at www.ShyteChocolate.com 

3: Wedge and Hanger!

Grab a doorstop, and your least favorite metal hanger, wedge that sucker in the corner of your door pry it open a little, and stick the hanger in to access and unlock the car ! Obviously not one I’d try on a company vehicle!

2: The Shoelace

This one is pretty nuts, and I actually would have tried this if I didn’t have the looming fear or ruining a brand new truck

1: The Tennis Ball

There’s NO WAY this actually works.. LIKE NO POSSIBLE WAY. Come on.. air pressure cant open locks.