3 Things to do With Mom for Mothers Day!

Mothers day is just around the corner, you're welcome by the way. 

Mothers day is just around the corner, you’re welcome by the way.

If you’re not sure about what to do for Mom on this special day, take a look here and maybe pick something!

3: The Movies!

Nothing is nicer then enjoying a movie with a loved one, especially your mom. Let her choose the movie and listen to the commentary for 3 hours of your day, it will make her day!

2: Crafts!

If your Mom’s an artsy individual why not grab some craft supplies and make some memories for a day. Buckle down and make some sweaters, maybe a flower pot for her garden. It doesn’t matter what you make, just enjoy the time with her!

1: Make Some Music!

Bust out the pots and pans, an old guitar, and your wonderful singing voices and make some tunes! you never know what could come of it, maybe your the next big thing.. Also if you choose this, please send us a video !