Five Bad Gifts NOT To Get Your Mom This Mother’s Day

You might think you're being creative, but mom would beg to differ

It’s Mother’s Day, a time to celebrate the amazing women who raised us. But with so many options out there, picking the perfect gift can be tough. Good news is we have a helpful list of bad gifts you should NEVER buy your mom for Mother’s Day. You’re welcome … sort of!

1. The Chambong

The Chambong seems like a great idea in theory. Your mom is a classy lady who deserves only the best champagne. If you’re thinking your mom might want to skip the sipping and go straight to chugging, then this is the gift for her.

2. Standing Horse Toilet Paper Holder

Your mom has put a lot of effort into decorating her home. She makes sure the cushions match the walls and every item on display fits the decor. That’s why The Standing Horse Toilet Paper Roll is the perfect item to finish her newly renovated bathroom.

3. Grocery Belt

The worst part about grocery shopping isn’t getting all the stuff from the store, it’s getting it into the house. Help mom do it all in one go with the Grocery Belt. The perfect accessory for moms who refuse to make more than one trip from the car to the kitchen.

4. Bag It Portable Wine Carrier

Remember all those sporting events, school plays, and music concerts your mom had to endure when you were younger? Think about how much better they would have been if she had wine. Well, the portable wine carrier will have her willing to come out to watch you ride the bench anytime.

5. Poop-Shaped Chocolates 

Your mom took a lot of crap from you while you were growing up. Both literally and figuratively. What better way to pay her back for all that she’s done than by presenting her with some delicious poop-shaped chocolates.

Maybe this list isn’t that helpful but at the very least, it may make your not so great Mother’s Day gifts look a little less bad.