10 Most Anticipated Albums Of 2018

Lots Of Great Rock On The Way This Year

A new year means 365 more chances for great rock music. Some of our favourites have new releases on tap for 2018. Here are the 10 we’re looking forward to most

Judas Priest – Firepower

Release: March 9th

Still rocking after 40 years, Judas Priest is set to release their 18th stupid album on March 9th. According to the band, it’s some of their “best music to date”. If the lead single Lightning Strikes is any indication, we are in for some seriously scorching rock.

Fall Out Boy – Mania

Release: January 19th

The pop-punk superstars were supposed to release Mania half way through 2017, but things got bumped to this year and as a result we can expect one of the first big rock albums of 2018 from Fall Out Boy.

A Perfect Circle – TBD

Maynard James Keenan and Co. will release their first studio album in 14 years in 2018. They dropped a new song, Disillusioned, in early January to help satiate fans’ appetites for the album.

Dashboard Confessional – Crooked Shadows

Release: February 9th

Emo-rock legends, Dashboard Confessional, are coming out with their first album since 2009. Crooked Shadows features their latest single, “We Fight”, which is a heartfelt rock tune in a time where the world needs heartfelt rock music more than ever. In a statement, Chris Carraba said, “It’s a song for people who, in spite of their differences, can find common ground in their convictions and foster those into something bigger than themselves.”

Bruce Springsteen – TBD

The Boss has been busy the past few years, what with writing his autobiography and fronting a broadway show. But he wasn’t too busy to write new music, apparently. Springsteen told Variety in October that we can expect a new solo album from him this year, with music that was inspired by “California”.

Paul McCartney – TBD

Macca spent most of 2017 on the road, but has been working with Grammy winning producer Greg Kurstin on a new album. There is no word on exactly when we can expect a new release from Sir Paul, but he says he is “beavering away” at new material.


Jimi Hendrix – Both Sides Of The Sky 

Release: March 9th

Jimi Hendrix’s estate has released more than a dozen post humous LP’s since his death in 1970.The latest, Both Sides of the Sky, may be the last word in Hendrix’s studio recordings, as it contains the best of what’s left in the Hendrix family’s archives.

Franz Ferdinand – Always Ascending

Release: February 9th

Always Ascending will be the band’s first studio LP with their new lineup. The record was produced by Phillipe Zdar, who’s worked with the likes of Phoenix, and the Beastie Boys. Franz Ferdinand also released the titled track to the album in October.

Jack White – Servings and Portions From My Border House Reach

Release: March 23rd

Here’s what we know about Jack White’s forthcoming third solo album: It’s “practically done” and it’s a “bizarre one.” Based on the teaser he released – yeah, sounds about right. Release day can’t come soon enough.

Tool – TBA

It’s hard to say exactly when we can expect new music from Tool. Drummer Danny Carey said the record should be done by mid-2018, though, so hopes are high that we’ll have new material from the psych-prog masters sometime this year.