YouTuber Explores Abandoned The First/ Atherley Arms

Abandoned Urbex Canada goes through one the more notorious places in Simcoe County.

Ahhhh The First.

Atherley Arms.

The strip club with a colourful past that you could hit on your way to or from the casino. The Arms has had a hell of a life at one point hosting some Canadian musicians and being a hot spot, then going on to losing their liquor license multiple times and some scandalous stories coming out of the bar regularly.

In 2010 The First closed their doors for the last time and nothing really has happened since. Some locals joke about opening the place again, and trying to restore the strip club to its former glory.

Yeah… The way this place looks, it’s not gonna happen.

Abandoned Urbex Canada takes you through the Arms and goes on to tell a lot about the history of the bar.