WATCH: All The Trailers Released at San Diego Comic-Con

So much to look forward to!


Netflix’s buddy-cop film starring Will Smith and Joel Ederton is about an LAPD officer and an orc fighting off human and alien bad guys. It’ll be available on Netflix December 22.

Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling

Remember Rocko’s Modern Life?! Well it’s back as a TV-movie. Relive your youth as Rocko realizes a lot has changed in 20 years.


He’s baaaaack. The Saw franchise reboot. Much of what you’d expect from Saw…but still so scary and a must-see if you’re into horror flicks. It’s out October 27th.


Marvel’s newest show is all about the Inhuman Royal Family fleeing to Hawaii after their king Black Bolt stages a coup. The first two episodes will be released in IMAX theatres September 1st before premiering on TV September 29th.

American Horror Story: Cult

This season is inspired by the 2016 election and premiers September 5th on FX.

The Walking Dead

Rick and Negan finally face off in the latest season of The Walking Dead. Season 8 premiers October 22.

Pacific Rim: Uprising

2013’s alien/robot movie is finally getting a sequel. It’s in theatres February 23, 2018.

Game of Thrones

Season seven kicked off a couple of weeks ago and has been hotly-anticipated by fans. You can catch new episodes Sunday nights on HBO.

The Gifted

It’s all about mutants. This drama is about mutants identifying their powers and cool nicknames. It premiers October 2.

The Defenders

It’s the culmination of Netflix’s superheros Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, and Iron Fist. The series premiers August 18th on Netflix.


Another comic book-based character. You can catch it Monday’s on AMC.


Season five of the History Channel show kicks off November 29th.

The Lego Ninjago Movie

Yes, another Lego movie. This one’s all about ninja’s! It’s out September 22.

Ready Player One 

Steven Spielberg’s newest sci-fi offering about a virtual-reality player who’s goal is to find a hidden fortune left behind by a game guru.


A very dark take on the Archie Comics we all grew up with. Season two premiers October 11.

Justice League 

We’ve been waiting forever for this. The movie hits theatres in November.

Stranger Things

The long-awaited second season of the Netflix thriller is out October 27.

Star Trek: Discovery

Check out Star Trek’s reboot series out September 24.


If it felt like it’s been forever since the first season of Westworld. It has. We’re FINALLY getting a second season in 2018.

Thor: Ragnarok

The new Thor movie features Cate Blanchett as the villain Hela and premiers October 25.


Seth McFarlane presents a star-trek inspired sci-fi series that’s also a workplace comedy the way only Seth McFarlane does.


Season 6 premiers October 12.

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2017

This year’s special will be Peter Capaldi’s final time appearing as the twelfth doctor and will introduce lucky number 13, Jodie Whittaker.

My Friend Dahmer

It’s a movie adapted from Derf Backderf’s acclaimed graphic memoir about serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

The Last Ship

The fourth season premiers next month.