UK Band Royal Blood Insult The Crowd And Flip Them Off For Not Showing Love Or Clapping

If you don't like the band on stage at a show, do you completely ignore them?

When bands book festival gigs they have to know that a good portion of the crowd might not be there to see them specifically. That’s just how it goes with those massive venues. However, if you have been to a festival, you know that seeing a band you have never heard of for the first time can kickstart your love for them.

That wasn’t the case for Royal Blood at BBC Radio1’s Big Weekend.

Royal Blood’s singer Mike Kerr went at the crowd a bit during his performance for their lack of attention. He labelled the crowd as pathetic for their lack of clapping and cheering, leaving the stage flipping two birds in the air.

We want to hear from you on this Jerk or Justified situation around the band’s actions. Should you just be grateful to perform on a stage and get paid to do it — or does being a rockstar allow you to be a bit of an asshole?