Watch: Close Encounter With Tiger Shark That Takes A Bite Out Of Kayak

Fresh Water Over Ocean Water Once Again So This Can't Happen To You

We are approaching the May 24 weekend, and you will want — and in some cases be forced outside regardless of the weather. Even though temperatures might be warm, Lake Simcoe won’t be. This is the unofficial kickoff to Summer and although Lake Simcoe won’t be ready to swim in just yet, living in Canada with a surplus of fresh water is never going to be beat.

All you need to do is see a video of a huge creature in the Ocean, one that can kill you, to remind you just how good we have it here in Canada. Yes, Winter sucks, but not as much as Sharks do.

This Kayaker looks like they were doing some fishing, or at least had the equipment for it had an experience that will haunt your dreams. A tiger shark comes up and bites the side of his kayak like something out of a movie.

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If you are kayaking this weekend in Lake Simcoe, and the water is ice cold, just remember it doesn’t have sharks, and that’s the trade-off.