Tattoo Take Two Voting

We've selected 5 finalists and now we need your help to determine who should be the winner and score a Tattoo Cover up valued at $1,000

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Rock 95 and Lakeside Ink teamed up to give you the chance to win a $1,000 Tattoo cover up with the Tattoo Take Two.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a picture of their Tattoo! We received hundreds and hundreds submissions of Tattoos that required a “Take Two”!

We’ve selected 5 finalists, and now need your help to select the one winner who will end up scoring a Tattoo cover up to the tune of $1,000 courtesy of Lakeside Ink. Scroll down and see their Tattoo’s in question and cast your vote for your favorite.

You’re only allowed to vote once per day. The winner will be announced and contacted on Monday afternoon, June 26th, 2023.

Tattoo Cover Up #1- Ghost Face

“For funny memory of good times.”

Tattoo Cover Up #2Clown in a Box

Simply peer pressure…2 friends were going to a new shop that had opened up…sketchy one at that…and they talked me into getting one too…I hadn’t planned on it so I looked at the pictures on the wall and selected a jack in the box…I liked it back then…but I see now how bad it is and it looks worse with each passing year, lol”

Tattoo Cover Up #3- Not So Super…Man

“It’s my last name in the writing of Superman’s home language, it looked so cool back then but now it’s not.”

Tattoo Cover Up #4- Extra Finger

“I just wanted more tattoos. I make the finger heart sign with my friends and family. I thought it would be a cute little one. The artist was an apprentice and the tattoos were like 60$. So, I thought why not? I’ve gotten apprentice tattoos before and I looked through her work and it looked good. My tattoo has an extra finger.  When I got home after I noticed that it had an extra finger. I messaged the artist and she said she would fix it for me when she finds a new studio because she got fired from the other one. She never reached back out to me after saying I was her number 1 priority.”

Tattoo Cover Up #5- Crime Scene

“Well it was one of those nights sitting at a buddies house with a tattoo machine and I fell asleep and woke up to “ convict” tattooed on my chest!”
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