Steven Avery Files Appeal, Reveals Who He Thinks Killed Teresa Halbach

The most interesting (and unlikely) theory of who killed Teresa Halbach comes from Steven Avery himself

Since its December 18th debut, Making A Murderer has quickly become the most talked about series. If you haven’t already binge watched it, then this post is not for you… Major spoilers ahead! 


Rock 95 has been buzzing with theories about who actually killed Teresa Halbach, but the most interesting (and unlikely) comes from Steven Avery himself.

In a 2009 document obtained by TMZ, Steven Avery stated that he believes his brothers — Earl and Charles — are responsible for the crimes he is serving a life sentence for. Despite their history of assaulting women, these details were kept out of the trial.

Charles was convicted of assault after strangling his wife with a telephone cord. He’s also stalked and harassed multiple women who’ve come to the junkyard.  The shocking part? All of these instances happened within a one month period prior to Halbach’s murder. His other brother Earl also plead no contest to sexually assaulting one of his daughters.

With a new Steven Avery special coming out later this month, we’re looking forward to finding out about the latest details in the case, including the appeal that Steven Avery just filed, asking the judge to throw out the conviction based on bias within the jury.

The petition to free Steven Avery has also accumulated over 400,000 signatures thus far, and the petition to free Brendan Dassey has over 70,000.


Who do you think killed Teresa Halbach? Will Steven Avery ever find justice? Let us know what you think by commenting below.