St. Theresa’s Musical Production of ‘Footloose’ – An Amazing Success!

by Zsofia Hatvani, St. Theresa’s Catholic High School

St. Theresa’s Catholic High School in Midland is known throughout the community for its annual spring arts productions. This year, the school brought its efforts and many talents to the stage in the musical production of “Footloose.” The play was performed April 25th to April 29th. The students and staff involved rehearsed for over a month prior.

The play was well received by staff, students and the general public, with an exceptionally large audience turnout. Tickets for each night sold out within a matter of days, and extra seats were added to accommodate the demand. St. Theresa’s student, Mikayla M. said, “The show was amazing this year, we have some very talented singers at our school.”

All of the songs for the play were sung live by the actors, who trained with a professional vocalist, and all music was played by a live band. “I really enjoyed the characters and how they brought the play to life. The choreography and music was exceptional and the live band made it that much better.” said Emily D., another student from St. Theresa’s.

The cast of the play took pride in the production and explained their experience with this year’s musical. Amani C., who was a dancer and actor in the play said, “My favourite part about being in the show would have to be the sense of togetherness and positive energy that was displayed by classmates, choreographers, vocal instructors and many more – we definitely became one big family.” The cast enjoyed the process of creating the production and showed enthusiasm throughout. “I really enjoyed how well everyone got along, we were all accepting of each other and it was lighthearted, there was never any fighting,” said Katie B., who played the role of Eleanor Dunbar.

The community looks forward to future musical productions from St. Theresa’s musical arts department, as every year the school brings their energy, enthusiasm and immensely talented students to the stage.