South Simcoe Police Tracking Stolen Items

Car, Snowmobile Taken In Separate Thefts

South Simcoe Police need help finding some stolen goods. That includes a car stolen right out of a Sandy Coive driveway. But the perp may have had the keys. An elderly man contacted police on Sunday to report he lost his car keys and posted an ad on the local Sandy Cove TV channel for their return. A woman contacted the man, saying she had his keys and was willing to drop them off. After a short time, the man looked in his driveway to find his car missing. Meanwhile, a snowblower was swiped from a Belle Ewart property. Around 4:30 yesterday morning, a Maple Rd. resident woke to the sound of a barking dog, not realizing the dog may have been barking at the perp who was cutting the tarp off a snowblower. The victim didn’t discover the theft until later in the morning, when he found tire tracks leading away, indicating the machine was taken away in a vehicle. If you have information on either of these thefts, contact South Simcoe Police.